Dance Shows for Schools

We know that the beauty, grace and strength of professional dancers can be truly inspirational and we believe every child should have access to high quality, amazing live dance. Our shows are educational, engaging and extremely good fun. We have different shows in our repertoire for 0-5 year olds, 2-9s and 9+, and they all suit boys and girls, and those with or without special needs. What’s more, every child has the opportunity to meet our fantastic dancers after every performance, so ENQUIRE here and give your children the opportunity to experience the magic of dance.

 school shows

Feedback from schools last year included:

Blackheath High School, Blackheath

“A lovely treat to open the Christmas season, thank you to Orit Sutton for bringing the ballet to BHS.
Thank you again, we loved it !”
Ms. Eastaugh, Head of Early Years

Sir William Burrough, Limehouse

“We were all enchanted, delighted and transfixed from beginning to end”
Avril Newman, Head teacher
Sir William Burrough Primary School

Redlands Primary School, Bow

“All the children were utterly engrossed in the performance and engaged with the story.
When talking to them afterwards, they told me they particularly enjoyed the funny bits,
the jumps, leaps and twirls and of course the bubbles!!”

Nathalie Palacio, Assistant Headteacher
Redlands Primary School

Mayflower Primary School, Limehouse

“Thanks for coming to our school and performing for us. The dancers told the story with their bodies in such an engaging and exciting way, the children were completely immersed in the performance. It was great for them to experience a story being told in such a different way.”
Ben Jones, teacher
Mayflower Primary School’

Tilbury Pioneer Academy

“We all loved the ballet show and the children were really lucky to have the experience. The dancing was beautiful and the children were fully engaged. The message from the show was great and taught the children a valuable lesson about good maners, saying please and sharing.
Thank you.”
Katie, teacher
Tilbury Pioneer Academy

Woodridge Primary School

“Thank you Lets All Dance for an amazing afternoon of ballet brilliance. The children were mesmerised by the dancing and fully engaged in the enchanting, beautifully choreographed story. The whole process from booking to performance was flawless and the Lets All Dance team were helpful, approachable and completely charming.”
Woodridge Primary School
Colin Dowland – Headteacher

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We look forward to bringing an inspiring and exciting show in for your children to enjoy soon.

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