The story

In a secret, magical forest lives the beautiful Forest Queen. In the summer the forest is warm and the Queen loves dancing in the dappled sunlight. But in the winter she becomes cold and hungry. One day she decides to visit the Forest Elf on the other side of the wood, as she knows he has food and a warm cloak. But the Queen is rather spoilt and does not know how to ask nicely. Once she learns The Magic Word she discovers the beauty of sharing and the joys of true friendship.

Our 2014 tour was a great success…venues included:

Riverside Studios, Hammersmith

Sadlers Wells, Islilngton

Electric Theatre, Guildford

The Albany, Deptford

Kenton Theatre, Henley-on-Thames

Arts Depot, North Finchley



Audience feedback


“Wonderful- the perfect show for young children.” – Jennifer Francis
“I really enjoyed it and the dancers were fantastic. ” – Aisling Kliger

“Loved it, amazing!” – “Diana Docenko

“Lovely child-friendly performance, perfect!” – Simon Coates

“Great. Enjoyed by all. ” – Kate Hare

“We loved it – was magical!” – Catherine Blatt

“Very good. Lovely dancing and good length.” – Gaelle Douglas
“Excellent!” – Carol Slater

“All the children loved it – the adults too. Beautiful show, very well pitched – lovely humour and tone.”  – Alice Towb

“Loved it!!!! Please do more!” – Ela Augusty

“We loved it – was magical!” – David Sinclair

“Nice and simple and witty” – Wendy Wu

“We thought the performance was delightful and our 4 very young persons much enjoyed it. The story was easy to follow, the varied music went down well and the message was very proper. At least one of our team (aged 3) will be dancing all the more enthusiastically at her next lesson. And well done the two performers. Please keep us informed of similar performances” – Jonathan Chalton

The Magic Word also visited the following schools…

Blackheath High School, Blackheath

A lovely treat to open the Christmas season, thank you to Orit Sutton for bringing the ballet to BHS.

Thank you again, we loved it !

Ms. Eastaugh, Head of Early Years

Sir William Burrough, Limehouse

“We were all enchanted, delighted and transfixed from beginning to end”
Avril Newman, Head teacher
Sir William Burrough Primary School

Redlands Primary School, Bow

‘All the children were utterly engrossed in the performance and engaged with the story.

When talking to them afterwards, they told me they particularly enjoyed the funny bits,

the jumps, leaps and twirls and of course the bubbles!!’

Nathalie Palacio, Assistant Headteacher
Redlands Primary School

Mayflower Primary School, Limehouse

‘Thanks for coming to our school and performing for us. The dancers told the story with their bodies in such an engaging and exciting way, the children were completely immersed in the performance. It was great for them to experience a story being told in such a different way.’

Ben Jones, teacher

Mayflower Primary School’

Tilbury Pioneer Academy

‘We all loved the ballet show and the children were really lucky to have the experience. The dancing was beautiful and the children were fully engaged. The message from the show was great and taught the children a valuable lesson about good maners, saying please and sharing.
Thank you.’
Katie, teacher
Tilbury Pioneer Academy


Hope Montessori Nursery, Marylebone

Bromley High School, Bromley

Lansdowne Primary Academy

Herringham Primary Academy

The Gateway Primary Free School

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