Pesky Pirates

The Pesky Pirates
A Hip Hop Adventure

After sell-out tours last year, Let’s All Dance is back with this high-energy, interactive production, full of action, giggles and fantastic hip hop dancing. Children will be able to clap along and join in with the piratey moves… a terrific treat for 2-9 year olds and their families.


Running time: 40 minutes

Suitable for all, especially 2-9 year olds

Sailing soon into a venue near you

The Pesky Pirates: A Hip Hop Adventure

Our cheeky pirates love playing, dancing and having fun. They would love to have some fun with you too so come along and help them find their treasure! Sometimes they like to play tricks on each other and can be a little mean. Can you help them be better friends and be kind, while having fun at the same time?!!


“5 star performance, excellent- well done to the performers. 2 year old daughter loved it”

Hayley Wilczksewicz

“5 stars, it is the best show ever!”

Olivia May Amberson

“5 stars, wonderful- so much energy, really good fun & a fantastic experience for children. Thanks!”

Claire Yren

“Very enjoyable, performance was great”

Marzina Begum

“5 stars. What a fantastic performance! The dancers were brilliant and kept the audience entertained throughout! Very interactive & great fun!”

Sarah Childs

“5 stars, Poppy says fantastic, amazing, brilliant and great!”

Lee Goodson

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