Fun and exciting classes in a range of styles for children and adults. Great exercise, great for self-confidence, great fun!
Thank you for instilling a love of dance in Charlotte and some funky moves!
Pauline Caywood, Blackheath


Street Dance – Thursdays, 4.00-4.30pm, 3-6 years, £6 per class

Tap – Thursdays, 4.30-5.00pm, 3-8 years, £6 per class

Street Dance – Thursdays, 5.00-5.45pm, age 7-11 years, £9 per class

Children learn technique and steps as well as creative routines. While we always maintain good discipline and structure, all classes are friendly and lots of fun!

Elsie Marshall Memorial Hall, Vicarage Ave, St. John’s Park, Blackheath SE3 7JT


Ballet – Mondays, 4.15-4.45pm, 3-6 years, £6 per class

Ballet – Mondays, 4.45-5.15pm, 6 years +, £6 per class

Energetic, fun, friendly classes for age 3 and up

No previous experience necessary, boys and girls welcome

Glass Mill Leisure Centre, 41 Loampit Vale London, SE13 7FT




Bridge Park Leisure Centre, Brentfield, Harrow Rd, NW10 0RG

FIRST CLASS FREE, then £2 per class

Fun and energetic

No experience necessary.

Martha has absolutely loved your dance sessions, I think your dance teacher has an incredible way of bringing out the best in children and boosting their confidence and self-esteem. Thanks to her, Martha has gained so much confidence in performance! I wouldn't have imagined this at the start of the year!
Please pop me on the mailing list as I will look out for more sessions and we love your theatre productions! 
- Katie Ford, Woolwich


Musical Theatre – Tuesdays, 4.00-4.45pm, 5-8 years, £6 per class

Tons of fun for 5-8 year olds!

Under 1 Roof, Woolwich, SE18 6SR


Tuesdays, 11.30-12.30pm, Mycenae House, Blackheath 

Thursdays, 5.30-6.30pm, Stratford Circus

All fitness levels, 16+

A wonderful way to strengthen, tone and increase flexibility, without going to the gym! Ballet exercises and stretches, set to music, and lead by a professional ballerina with lots of teaching experience. Improve your personal fitness level, get lean and trim, stand tall and feel great!

Basic ballet steps, toning and strengthening exercises, stretches and flexibility exercises, posture and alignment techniques. Suitable for all.

Wear: Comfortable stretchy clothes/bare feet

Bring: Bottle of water

Block of 10 – £70

Drop in – £8.50 per session