We’ll Meet Again

We'll Meet Again

A romantic trip down memory lane, with classic 1940’s songs and dances, for mature audiences.
Join in with your favourite tunes and take a turn on the dance floor, or sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Mycenae House, Blackheath
"Two very talented artists. Lovely memories of the war years and my childhood." - Margaret Donch
"Very enjoyable. Brought back lots of memories for us oldies." - Jean Bojczuk
"Thank you for a lovely afternoon." - S. Seymour
"I enjoyed it immensely. A little glimpse of the war years. Also so nice that many people knew the songs and sang themselves!" - Cecilia Grantham
"Excellent, couldn't be better. Brought back a lot of memories. Hope to see you again." - anonymous
"Very nice to hear all the old songs, brings back all the memories of the war days. I'm 86." - Pat Nicholls
"It was amazing. The dance & singing so uplifting, especially with all that's going on in the world. And the dancing after was a plus for people to join in. Well done you lovely folk." - Sheila Kinsella

The Electric Theatre, Guildford
"Very enjoyable, two lovely performers." - anonymous
"Excellent, female part was absolutely fitting - amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed the show, very intimate." - anonymous
"Thoroughly enjoyed it! Lovely singing, brilliant dancing. 5 stars." - Joel, Ellie, Pam
"Brought my mum with me for a little treatExcellent performance. Very impressed." - Mrs. Ann Nottage